Quality Control

Commitment to Quality and Specifications

MPPC’s quality policy is that quality begins with the production operator; therefore, our operators are fully trained to ensure the ongoing quality requirements of production. The company’s quality control department performs routine checks of the process to ensure conformance with essential standards and the customers’ requirements.

Flexibility in Coating Application

MPPC’s fully equipped laboratory performs the required testing of raw materials and finished products. The company often goes beyond the requirements of standards to ensure customers receive a quality coating.

The plant’s custom coating shop can coat any non-tubular steel component such as fittings, valves, t-joints, and spools with the same variety of internal and external coatings. The company also offers on-site field-joint coating systems which allow the customer to have their entire pipeline system to be coated with the same uniform product.

Some of the company’s coating plants such as the Heavy-Weight Concrete Coating Plant are mobile; therefore, allowing significant material handling savings for the customer.

MPPC’s philosophy is that any steel object can be coated with any coating system. The complement of the company’s main-line pipe coating plants and custom coating shop allow MPPC to coat virtually any size of pipe ranging from 0.5 inch to 120 inches diameter with virtually any of the company’s offered coating systems.

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