Integrated Management System Policy

Mahshahr Pipe Protection Co. located in the petrochemicals special economic zone with having experienced and dedicated specialists and using advanced technical knowledge and state-of-the-art technology could attract the attention and satisfaction of wide range of customers over several years of activity in the field of manufacturing various types of inner and outer coatings of steel pipes and related fittings in different sizes suitable to be used in gas, oil, petrochemical, water (industrial and drinking) and sewage pipelines projects.

MPPC places an extremely high value on customer satisfaction, controlling and maximising the quality of its products environmental protection, and the health and safety of its employees

This company is responsible to the perimeter environment in which we live and work in addition to its customers; and paying attention to a wide range of issues as its mission, including continuous improvement of quality of life, optimal use of natural resources, continuous improvement of environmental performance, such as pollution prevention, safety and health, like maintaining the health and safety of employees at work and is committed to its mission. Given the desirable results of an integrated management system, the company also established the system in the recent years based on the international standards and obliged itself to meet the requirements of these standards, improve the system continuously as well as to meet the related regulations and requirements; and in order to be survived, progress and reaching to a leading company and technology innovator with a central focus on the global coverage industry has identified the following goals and put them forward its activities:

  1. Increasing the satisfaction of stakeholders by identifying, evaluating and meeting their expectations and requirements.
  2. Empowering and promoting the employee knowledge, employing and retaining efficient and expert employers in order to reach the knowledge-based organization.
  3. Creating a healthy and safe working environment by emphasizing the continuous prevention and reduction of injuries and occupational diseases as well as maintaining the health of the staff of the organization.
  4. Preventing and reducing the environmental pollution by complying with relevant laws and regulations.
  5. Identifying new technologies and investigate and use them in order to continuously improve the related processes and activities and continuous training of individuals in this relation.
  6. Increasing the company profitability through optimal resource management, continuous improvement of the company’s productivity and competitive ability in the market by ensuring customer satisfaction.
  7. Creating the capabilities and abilities to deliver all processes associated with pipelines to customers.
  8. Developing the activities from the national area to the regional and international area by attending the global markets and interacting with the world’s first-rate companies in the coating industry.

All employees of the company are obliged to use these goals in all aspects of their work and try to improve them continuously. This annual policy will be reviewed as needed.

Ali Pasha Pourpezeshk
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